Safety Precautions

Please read carefully the following Safety Precautions before you use our chains, chain fittings and rigging hardware (“products” or “product”). Failure to observe these warnings and cations may cause a serious accident. Items described here are for using the product safely and properly, and to prevent hazards and injury to the user and other persons before they occur. All items are important descriptions related to safety, therefore make sure to observe them.


  • Never use the products to lift persons.
  • Never use the products overhead.
  • Notify us of the usage if you intend to use the products for hanging objects or in places affecting human lives.
  • All products are wear-out parts. So periodic checking and replacement must be essential.


  • Depending on the usage environment, be sure to inspect periodically the condition of stainless steel products. It is because they are quite resistant to rust as compared with the ones made of iron, however, it doesn’t mean that they never rust.
  • Inspect periodically the condition of stainless steel products if you use them connecting to different kinds of metal products. It is because such usage causes galvanic corrosion.
  • Use the products wearing gloves and the like.
  • Note that the products applied plating, coating and any other surface treatment onto have less strength than the normal products.
  • Never use the products with a load exceeding the working load limit (“WLL”) indicated on the charts.
Precaution Image 1
  • Never apply a sudden impact or an excessive impact to the products. Apply a load slowly to the products, a slack chain particularly. A sudden and excessive impact on the products causes impact fracture. As a result, they will be broken with a less load than the indicated WLL.
Precaution Image 2
  • Untwist thoroughly a twisted product before use. If you use the twisted product as it is, the product will be distorted or broken with a less load than the indicated WLL.
Precaution Image 3
  • Use the products so as to apply a load in the lengthways direction. Otherwise the strength of the products extremely lowers.
precaution image 5
precaution image 4
  • Never use the products for angular objects. Otherwise the sharp corners cause the strong pressure, the distortion or the flaws on the products. As a result, the strength of the products lowers.

precaution image 6
  • Stop using the products immediately and replace new one if you find abrasion, breakages, flaws, distortion and the like on the products.
  • Never use the products in the places at high temperature or low temperature other than room temperature or the places where the temperature is rapidly changed.
  • Do not use the products in the places where chemicals, acids or alkalis are used.
precaution image 8
  • Never intentionally distort or weld the products, otherwise the strength lowers due to the structure change.
precaution image 9