Antibacterial Coating

MIZKEN INC. offers optional extras for our stainless steel products: Antibacterial Clear Coating. ”Antibacterial” signifies restraining the growth or the spread of bacteria on the surface of an object. We apply an antibacterial agent to our stainless steel products to enhance the antibacterial properties. And, this clear coating does not impair the appearance of stainless steel products.

We recommend this option for the equipment which the general public touches in public places. For example, it is a handrail or a door handle installed in public facilities. It includes commercial facilities, medical facilities, accommodations and schools. If you care about the hygiene aspects, this option is greatly effective for such equipment. It keeps the equipment clean, and furthermore it facilitates the public health.


We can submit the Certificates (in Japanese) of the following testing to you according to your request. If you need the Certificate, please let us know which certificate you need when you ask for a quote.

Testing for Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy

This testing evaluates the efficacy of the coating against the following items.

  • flu virus
  • mold
  • E. Coli
  • Golden Staph
  • MRSA
  • E. Coli O157:H7
  • Algae
  • Food Sanitation Law
Product Testing

This testing evaluates the following 5 attributes of the coating.

  • Coating Hardness shows the hardness, which is examined by scratching the surface of the coating with pencils different in hardness.
  • Scratch Adhesion shows the coating’s ability to stick. It is tested by drawing a spiral on the surface of the coating with a diamond stylus.
  • Cut Adhesion shows the coating’s ability to stick when you cut a right angle lattice pattern into the coating by utilizing a tool.
  • Impact Resistance is the coating’s ability to withstand intense force or shock applied to it and deformation caused by the impact.
  • Erichsen Value is the cupping endurance of the coating.


The following items are the representative items, which we highly recommend to do this Antibacterial Clear Coating on. It is because they are the products designed to use as the equipment of public facilities. So, we hope you will consider adopting this Antibacterial Clear Coating for such equipment. Besides the following items, there are many different items in our product line. You should be able to find the product suitable for your requirement.

The products with Antibacterial Clear Coating are produced on order. So, please specify “Antibacterial Clear Coating” along with the item code, the size and the quantity you require to get our quotation. We quickly send you our quotation with the delivery date by return. Please read Safety Precautions before using our products.