Stainless Steel Chains

Our Complete-Welded Link Chains Bring Higher Safety to You

MIZKEN INC. offers an extensive range of high quality stainless steel link chains: link chains for general use, the ones with taking the safety of children into consideration for playground equipment, the ones with PVC resin tube to aim to reduce the frictional noise and to prevent scars from the contact, the ones for decoration or ornaments and security link chains. Due to the variety and the high safety, our stainless steel link chains have been used for a wide range of fields, for instance, industry, interior, exterior, harbor facility, etc. 

What’s Special About Our Stainless Steel Link Chains?

Our stainless steel link chains are completely welded by using our original welding method and therefore it gives high tensile strength to our link chains and brings higher safety to you. Even if the external appearances look the same, the welding penetration depth is different, and even more importantly, the welding penetration depth affects the safety of the link chain. 

When you cut a link of link chain, you can clearly see how much the link is welded. The welded place becomes black, and as you see in the photo of cut section of a link below, the welding penetration of our link chain is perfect. On the other hand, the cut section of an other companies’ chain is shallow. In other words, the link of the other companies’ chain is not linked thoroughly and is easy to be broken. Imperfect-welded chain will lead up to serious incidents because the “welded” place breaks unexpectedly, and you cannot foresee that.

Comparison of the cut sections - Our stainless steel perfect-welded link chain and other companies' imperfect-welded link chain
Comparison of the how-to-break: our stainless steel link chain and other companies' link chain

MIZKEN INC. is confident in safety of our stainless steel link chains. When a load is applied to the chain too much, the links are transformed considerably before it breaks so that you can check the condition easily.

Inspection Certificate and Material Certificate (Mill Cert.) can be provided along with the goods according to your request. Tensile strength testers for 50kN and 300kN have been installed and make the in-house tensile strength test up to a tensile load of 30 tons practical.

 About Stainless Steel 

304 Stainless Steel
The most commonly-used stainless steel.
Used for a wide range of facilities: food facilities, general chemical facilities, nuclear facilities, etc.
Chemical Component of 304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Having more excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, etc. than 304 stainless steel.
Used for seawater pumps, piping components, marine components, valves, etc.
Chemical Component 316 Stainless Steel
316L Stainless Steel
Having grain boundary corrosion resistance in addition to the property of 316 stainless steel.
Used at the places where high corrosion resistance & pitting corrosion resistance are required such as aerospace hardware or medical equipment.
Chemical Component of 316L Stainless Steel
310S Stainless Steel
Fully non-magnetic stainless steel. It excels in oxidation resistance.
It is often used for furnace or heat-exchange equipment.
Chemical Component of 310S Stainless Steel
420J2 Stainless Steel
It has high strength.
Used for edged tools, nozzles, valves, valve seats, spring, etc.
Chemical Component 420J2 Stainless Steel