Stainless Steel Builders Hardware & Grating Fasteners

MIZKEN INC. offers an extensive range of high quality stainless steel builders hardware including Angle Brackets, Shelf Brackets, Drawer Pulls, Chest Handles, Door Pull Handle, and Safety Grab Bar. We also offer various kinds of Grating Fasteners. Grating fasteners are simple and cost-effective fasteners that attach bar gratings and manholes for prevention against bouncing, lifting or theft. You can easily install them without drilling or welding, and moreover, they are reusable and movable. 

Our stainless steel builders hardware and grating fasteners are mainly made from 304 Stainless Steel, which is the most commonly-used stainless steel. Due to the toughness, durability and high corrosion resistance, our products are suitable for use outdoors. We have a perfect confidence in quality of our stainless steel products. And our stainless steel products are well-known for our reliability due to its long history of achievements.

Lineup of Builders Hardware & Grating Fasteners

Click the following images to see the details. Make inquiries with your required item code and quantity and we quickly send you our quotation by return. Please read Safety Precautions before using our products.

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