Stainless Steel Truck Fittings, Baskets & Padlocks

Besides many different kinds of rigging hardware, MIZKEN INC. offers high quality stainless steel fittings and hardware having specific uses. It includes Cargo Truck Door Stopper Fittings, Wire Baskets and Padlocks. They are made from 304 Stainless Steel, which is the most commonly-used stainless steel having toughness, durability and high corrosion resistance. 

First, we offer Cargo Truck Door Stopper Fittings. You use this item by fixing to a cargo box of a box truck or a container truck, so that it takes a role as an anchor of a rear door. It is one of important equipment to prevent unexpected accidents.

Second, we have 2 types of Wire Baskets with different sizes to choose from: square type and round type. You can use them for many different kinds of industries. For instance, this item is ideal as a parts cleaning basket used under an ultrasonic cleaning work of processed parts.

And finally, we offer Padlocks, which will help your security measures. Especially Hooded Padlock has more crime-prevention effects than a normal padlock. It is because the body hides the shackle to prevent the shackle from being cut by bolt cutters and the like. In terms of security, further effects can be expected if you use our padlocks in conjunction with our Protection Chain or Security Chain. 

We have a perfect confidence in quality of our stainless steel products. And our products are well-known for our reliability due to its long history of achievements.

Lineup of Truck Door Fittings, Baskets & Padlocks

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