Super Alloy Heat-Resistant Chain

*** We regret that the production of this Super Alloy Heat-Resistant Chain is temporarily discontinued. ***

MIZKEN INC. offers Super Alloy Heat-Resistant Chain made of NCF600, NCF625 and NCF800. We highly recommend these chains to use under environments exceeding 500 ℃ like incinerators, steel mills and thermal power plants. 

Our regular link chains are made of 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel. They are very versatile and excellent in that they have high corrosion resistance and tensile strength. However, they become easy to corrode under harsh environments including a high temperature condition and the like. As compared with stainless steel, super alloy is highly superior in corrosion resistance, seawater resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature strength. So they are suitable for using under harsh environments such as environments exceeding 500 ℃. 


Features of Super Alloy

This is the standard material having high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance under high temperature.
It is often used for manufacturing equipment of chemical industries and food industries, heat exchanger, nuclear reactor component, or electronic apparatus component.
NCF600 composition
NCF625 (Inconel625)This has superior corrosion resistance under a wide range of an environment from low temperature to high temperature. It also excels in creep strength under high temperature.
It is often used for manufacturing facility of chemical industries, anti-pollution equipment, nuclear fusion reactor facilities, nuclear reactor component, component of aerospace equipment, or seawater treatment facilities.
NCF625 Composition
NCF800 (Incoloy800)This has great resistance to oxidation and carburization under high temperature in addition to high corrosion resistance.
It is often used for outer cylinder for sheathed heater, heat exchanger & piping for chemical & petrochemical industries, carburizing apparatus, or nuclear steam generator tube.
NCF800 Composition

Each of the metals has superior properties and inferior properties. So you are necessary to choose the appropriate material of the chains for the environment where you intend to use them. If you are unsure of the appropriate material to the place where you intend to use the heat-resistant chain at, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Super Alloy Heat-Resistant Chain

Please specify the material, the chain size, the length per piece, and the quantity you require to get our quotation.  Please read Safety Precautions before using our products.

AVAILABLE: By the meter / By the link
MATERIAL: NCF600 (Inconel600) / NCF625 (Inconel625) / NCF800 (Incoloy800)
*NOTE: 5-A & 5-B made by NCF800 are NOT available.

super alloy heat-resistant chain