Titanium Chain & Chain Fittings

MIZKEN INC. offers high quality titanium link chain and chain fittings & rigging hardware with different sizes to choose from. Our Titanium products made of T340 are not so superior in the strength to stainless steel. However, they are very lightweight and have an excellent seawater resistance. So they are principally used for ocean-related equipment.

Titanium Composition

They have outstanding characteristics:

  • Lightweight – The specific gravity is around 4.5, only a half of nickel and 60% of copper.
  • Strength – About three times as strong as aluminum
  • High Corrosion Resistance – Especially marine corrosion resistance of titanium equals the one of platinum

Line of Titanium Products

Please specify the item code, the length (or the number of links) per piece, and the quantity you require to get our quotation.  We quickly send you our quotation by return. Please read Safety Precautions before using our products.

AVAILABLE: By the meter / By the link

titanium link chain
Chain Fittings & Rigging Hardware

Click the following images to see the details. Make inquiries with your required item code and quantity and we quickly send you our quotation by return. Please note that they are limited in quantity and will be discontinued when the current stock is empty.